The birthday boy and I.

My niece tried her first lollipop today. At first, she didn’t know how to eat it, as you can tell but she finally got it down!

My best friend, Alex and I. :)

My friend, Natalie and I. (I’m pointing at her)

I’m looking at you while I’m writing this. It’s hard to believe that in a few days, you’ll be gone. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. You have lymph nodes cancer. You’ve been struggling. I can see that. I don’t want to let you go. It’s been already twelve years that I have had you in my life. You were always there when I needed you. You are always happy to see me. I wish I could have given you more attention. I should have been a better owner for you. I wish I could have seen that lump on your throat before it was too late. I’m so sorry. It’s strange because when you look at me, you know what’s going to happen. My mother is right. We don’t want you to suffer but I don’t want to put you down either. The screen is too blurry now. I’m trying really hard not to let you know that I’m crying right now but it’s so hard. I wish you can understand me. I have so much to tell you. I love you so much. You’ll be in my heart no matter what. I’m not even sure whether or not I’ll be there when you are on your last moments. I don’t think I can take seeing you looking at me for one last time. I’ll probably lose my mind. You’ve been a great pet. No others can match you. I thought I would just write this now before you left because I don’t think I can write about it again. You’ll be missed dearly, Snowflake. I hope you know that. I just want you to stop suffering. I want you to be relieved of pain. I’m dreading this week more than you can imagine.

My sister and her husband are the cutest first-time parents I’ve ever seen.

My niece didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose her.